RD 8000 PDL Locator Utility

Price $2100
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RD 8000 PDL Locator Utility Description

Demo-used Radiodetection RD8100 PDL and TX-10 Cable and Pipe Locator Utility for sale!  Item is good working and cosmetic condition like new, manufactured 2017.


RD8100 is our most advanced range of cable locators, and builds on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver performance, quality and durability. Containing a unique arrangement of 5 custom-manufactured, precision-ground antennas, it allows you to choose the best method to locate specific cables and pipes.

With utility infrastructures becoming more complex, locate professionals require more powerful, flexible tools. Features such as Current Direction and iLOC on the cable locator combine with the versatile Tx Transmitter range to deliver high-precision locates even in tough conditions

Integrated GPS and usage-logging options automatically generate data for customer reports, or in-house quality and safety audits to promote best working practices.


Radiodetection RD8100 PXL

The RD8000 PLX is he industrial standard high performance cable and pipe locator. It has a broad range of active, passive and sonde frequencies as well as a number of unique user features supplied as standard.


RD8100 PDL and TX-10 Cable and Pipe Locator Utility included on sale:

  • Radiodetection RD8000 PDL locator
  • Rd8000 Transmitter Tx10 w/ Bluetooth
  • Ground lead extension spool
  • Receiver Clamp
  • Direct connect leads
  • Ground stake
  • Soft Carrying case
  • Strap for Bag
  • User manuals