Leica GS15 RTK Base Rover CS15

Price $9400
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Leica GS15 RTK Base Rover CS15 Description

Used Leica GS15 Smart Antenna RTK Base & Rover GPS Glonass CS15 VIVA Satel UHF, this is a complete base and rover set with a CS15 VIVA data collector, It come with Viva version 5.05. It also has Road Runner and Reference Line enabled. Both UHF 450-470mhz radios, This set up is in good condition shop tested and ready for working order!


The Leica GS15 is designed for any surveying task.

  1. Integrated communication devices for RTK (Real Time Kinematic) rovers with removable SIM cards and field base stations
  2. Upgrade at any time with an integrated scalable sensor which allows for functionality to be purchased as you need it.
  3. Built-in web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX data and measure easily in the field

The Leica GS15 is built for harsh and rugged environments.

  1. IP68 protection against continuous immersion and dust
  2. Built for severe temperatures of -40°C to +65°C
  3. Avoid breaking, forgetting or losing antenna with built-in GSM antenna technology


Leica GS15 Smart Antenna RTK Base & Rover CS15 system includes:

  • (2X) GS15 Smart Antenna
  • (1X) GLONASS tracking on a GS10 or GS15 receiver
  • (3X) GEB212 Lithium Ion battery
  • (1X) GKL211 Charger
  • (1X) CS15 VIVA Controller
  • (1X) SmartWorx Viva CS license key.
  • (1X) Pole holder base plate for CS10 and CS15 field controller.
  • (1X) Clamp arrangement for attachin GHT62  holder to all poles
  • (1X) VIVA GNSS Container