Leica ATX900 GNSS RTK Base and Rover SET

Leica ATX900 GNSS RTK Base and Rover SET

Excellent used condition Leica GPS900 base rover RTK GPS receiver system including a Leica RX900 data collector with Smartworx GPS software.


Product Descriptions


For Sale Leica GPS900 Base and Rover System KIT in excellent and clean working condition consistent with light careful use by the original owner that purchased it new from Leica in 2009.

The application programs include Reference Line, DTM Stakeout, Volumes, Line Stakeout, Road Runner, DXF Export and the very useful 2 Hz (0.5 sec) position update rate for faster surveying. All you need are a suitable tripod and antenna pole to put this system to work. 

The system is totally functional and operates as new. The firmware has been upgraded to the latest version V 8.60. All batteries charge well and have plenty of power capacity to support a full day of operation. All cables are in excellent working condition. Everything else is intact and functioning properly and there is only minor evidence of light use throughout.


This sale includes:

  • (1x) RX900 Controller-receiver.
  • (2x) ATX900 Smart Antenna GPS antenna.
  • (2x) GFU14-7 Satellite 3AS radio modem (464.5 MHz, 25 kHz channel spacing, 1.0 W).
  • (2x) Gain flex radio antenna, frequency range 435 - 470 MHz.
  • (1x) GHT56 holder for attaching RX900 controller, GFU14-7 radio modem, and battery to antenna pole.
  • (4x) Battery, Li-ion, 2 Ah, rechargeable, mfg 2006.
  • (1x) Battery, NiMH, 12V/8Ah, rechargeable, external universal.
  • (2x) Adapter for GKL221 battery charger, to charge two GEB211 batteries.
  • (1x)Height hook with integrated tape measure, including spare tape measure, to measure HI.
  • (1) Basic tribrach with optical plummet.
  • (1) Carrier with 58"-11 screw for GPS antenna.
  • (1) Holder / bracket for hanging GFU radio modem on tripod (tripod not incl.).
  • (1) Clamp arrangement for attaching GHT56 holder to antenna pole (pole not incl.).
  • (1) Hard Case for complete GPS900 base & rover package.
  • (1) Optional antenna bracket for mounting Gainflex antenna to base of ATX900 antenna (cable not incl.)
  • (1) Charger Pro battery charger including 110 VAC power cable, 12 VAC power cable, cable to charge GEB171 battery, manual, and original box.



  • (1) Y-cable for base station.
  • (1) Data Cable, 2.8 m Lemo to USB to connect RX900 controller to Windows computer (computer not incl.).
  • (1) Cable, 1.2 m, to connect ATX900 antenna to RX900 controller.
  • Firmware Version: V 8.71


RTK Position Update Rate:

  • (1) RX900 RTK position and display update rate 2 Hz (0.5 sec).
  • Application Programs (loaded onto RX900 controller):
  • (1) "Reference Line" program.
  • (1) "DTM Stakeout" program.
  • (1) "Volumes" program.
  • (1) "Line Stakeout" program.
  • (1) "Roadrunner" program.
  • (1) "DXF Export" program.
  • Documentation
  • (1) Leica GPS900 User Manual Version 1.1 bound together with (1) Leica GPS900 Technical Reference Manual Version 1.1 (not shown)
  • (1) Leica GPS900 Training Exercises
  • (1) Leica Introduction to GPS