Leica GPS1200 RX1250X

Leica GPS1200 RX1250X

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Product Descriptions

For sale Used Leica GPS1200 Smart Rover with RX1250X Radio Modem Base and Rover Complete Set, mint condition like new! Leica GPS1200+ The only future proof GNSS When it says future proof GNSS, it means maximum productivity and reliability.


More satellites, more GNSS signals. With Leica GPS1200+ you can be certain that you’re ready for the future. Invest today in future proof GNSS technology and be sure that your equipment can track all satellites today and tomorrow.


Best GNSS andRTK technology
Fast satellite acquisition, high accuracy measurements, tracking to low elevations, the world’s first phase multipath mitigation technology, jamming resistant, high up-date rate, low latency, and fast, reliable, long-range RTK.

standardized interface Keyboard and touch screen, intuitive interface, powerful data management, on-board routines and programs: all easy to use and identical for GNSS and TPS.

extremely light weight SmartRover weighs just 2.7 kg for a complete cable free all on the pole RTK GNSS rover. Work the complete day in comfort and enjoy full compatibility with SmartStation and SmartPole.

Fully waterproof incredibly robust
GPS1200+ receivers are designed to work anywhere under the roughest conditions imaginable. They float, withstand falls, jolts and vibrations, operate in rain, dust, sand and snow, at temperatures from –40°C to + 65°C.

Totally versatile
GPS1200+ can be used as a reference or rover in any mode from static to RTK. Small, light, and supporting all formats and communication devices, it can be used on a pole, in a minipack, on a tripod, or even on a construction machine, survey boat or aircraft.

For all applications
You can use GPS1200+ for everything: control, topo, engineering, cadastre, stake out, monitoring, seismic – whatever you want.

This sale includes:

  • 2X Leica ATX1230 GPS/GNSS receiver
  • 2X Leica RX1250X handheld Radio Modem
  • 2X Bracket for RX1250X
  • Owner's Manual
  • Original Carrying Case