Prodim Proliner 8CS Templating

Prodim Proliner 8CS Templating

For sell 2012 Prodim Proliner 8CS Digital Templating Equipment


Product Descriptions

For Sale 2012 Prodim Proliner 8CS Digital Templating Equipment Like new Prodim Proliner has recently been factory serviced and new measuring tip added.    


  • The Proliner 8CS is a totally selfcontained unit available in a 2D3D output. Advanced in functionality and appearance and it completes all your measurements on location without any problem. Check dimensions and edit all your drawings directly on the Proliner, on the job site, thanks to the comprehensive integrated CAD software.
  • The integrated speakers enable the user to adjust the beep-volume, which makes it suitable for noisy working environments. A LED light indicates the status of the battery
  • The Construct Series is the perfect solution for fabricators and installers. The CS machines are durable and designed to be used in tough working conditions. They are lightweight and are easily carried on and off job sites. It is the true balance between performance and price.


Included on sale :

  • Proliner 8CS
  • Hard Shell Protective
  • Tripod
  • Backpack
  • Travel case
  • Batteries
  • Remote
  • Charger
  • Measuring Pens