Niton XL3T 950 GOLDD XRF Analyzer

Price $9800
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Niton XL3T 950 GOLDD XRF Analyzer Description

Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 950 GOLDD+ Handheld XRF Analyzer for sale! It is demo use and like-new condition instrument that has very little use. Manufacture 2017 comes with 1 years warranty and a Calibration Certificate.  


It is loaded with the following modes: Alloy, Precious metals, Mining, Coatings, and Lead Paint. This unit includes all your standard accessories. 


What's Includes:
(1X) Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 950 Goldd+
(1X) General Metals/Precious Metals/Mining/Coatings/Pb Paint
(1X) Collimator/Camera
(2X) Batteries
(1X) Battery charging dock
(1X) User Instructions
(1X) Hard Carrying case
(1X) Cal Sample
(1X) Helium Purge
(1X) Spare Windows
(1X) Certificate Calibration