MALA X3M Ramac 500Mhz Antenna

Price $7500
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MALA X3M Ramac 500Mhz Antenna Description

MALA X3M Ramac Ground Penetrating Radar with 500Mhz Antena includes Rough terrain RT Cart for sale, demo-used! This system is in Great condition and Ready for Use in the Field. 

Mala Ramac X3M GPR system features:

  • Well-designed, field-rugged enclosure
  • Built-in power supply and DGPS
  • Reduced footprint and weight
  • Simplified graphical user interface
  • In-the-field processing and interpretation
  • Visible cables reduced to a minimum
  • High-resolution HDR controller display
  • A two-component system with one cable
  • All antennas meet FCC, EC, and IC regulatory limits on radio emissions


Mala Ramac X3M system includes on sale:

  •  MALA X3M Control Unit
  •  MALA 500MHz shielded antenna
  •  High brightness color Monitor XV11
  •  Parallel communication data cable 1.8m and 3.0m
  •  Rough terrain RT Cart
  •  Battery 12V 20Ah with case
  •  Battery charger 12.6V 20Ah
  •  Power cable 
  •  Software GroundVision2
  •  Software Surfer11
  •  Software Easy3D
  •  Operator's manual