Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar

For Sale 2018 Leica DS2000 Detection Radar has been used for product demonstrations and short term rentals. It is in excellent condition.


Product Description

For Sale Leica DS2000 with 4 Wheel, Utility Detection Radar has been used for product demonstrations, It has been tested by a certified Leica dealer to be in good working order and is completely functional. Manufacture 2018 Comes with PROTECT by Leica Geosystems Warranty.

The Leica Geosystems DS2000 ground-penetrating radar system is ideal for buried utility detection and shallow sub-surface geophysics. DS2000 is part of the complete detection and underground mapping solution that will enrich your business by making it much more efficient.  Available bundled with Leica GS18, Leica CT2000 field tablet, Leica GPS60 smart antenna, GG03.

Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar Includes: 

  • Leica DS2000 4 Wheel Radar Utility Detector
  • GNSS Antenna Support
  • Battery Charger for DS2000
  • BP2000 Battery Pack for DS2000
  • CT2000 Controller 
  • DS2000 Online Training Module
  • 1 Year Product Support
  • PROTECT by Leica Geosystems Warranty

Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar Specifications: 

  • There’s a lot going on underground that you need to know about before you ever start to dig. The Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar finds all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics, increasing safety by lowering the risk of accidently hitting underground assets.
  • Increase safety, speed up work and lower asset management costs with the ability to prevent hazardous outages and collect more information. The DS2000 betters your business by making it safer, faster and more efficient.

Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar Key Benefit:

  • Increase safety when the DS2000 identifies all potential  threats
  • Get to assets and recover quicker from outages when you know exactly where underground utility assets are located
  • Dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously
  • Easily collect and understand data with the DS2000’s simple  and intuitive software and data storage
  • Simple data storage and export to continue working on the post-processing at the office
  • Effortlessly maneuver around the most challenging sites with the DS2000’s advanced ergonomics
  • Expert knowledge of Leica Geosystems with more than 270 service centres worldwide
  • PROTECT by Leica Geosystems - the strongest warranty in the market

Detection and underground mapping solution
Combined with the powerful and rugged Leica CT1000 field tablet, the GG04 plus or the GPS60 smart antenna, and the DD SMART Series cable locators and transmitters, the DS2000 is part of the complete Leica Geosystems detection and underground mapping solution that will enhance your business by making it faster and more efficient. With GRED HD 3D CAD post processing software, you will be able to convert radar data to CAD file.


  • Antenna footprint: 40 x 50 cm
  • Hardware channels: 2
  • Antenna central frequencies: 250 MHz and 700 MHz
  • Antenna orientation: Perpendicular, broadside
  • Sampling frequency: 400 kHz
  • Display depth scale: 0 to 10 m
  • Depth range: 0 to 10 m (dep. on soil and env. conditions)


  • Acquisition speed: More than 10 km/h
  • Scan rate per channel for 512 samples per scan: 381 scans per second
  • Scan interval: 42 scan per metre
  • Positioning: 2 integrated encoders - GPS and/or TPS


  • Power consumption / supply: 13.3 W / Rechargeable SLAB (Sealed Lead Acid Battery) 12V DC, 12Ah
  • Operating temperature range: –10° C to +40° C
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Protection: IP65