GSSI Sir-4000 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

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Price : $ 10340

Demo Used GSSI Sir 4000 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) System, Manufacture 2016, Comes with Calibration Certificate. Excellent Condition and this unit is Tested and Guaranteed to fully work.


GSSI SIR-4000 Ground penetrating radar offers unique collection modules, including Quick 3D, UtilityScan, StructureScan, and Expert Mode for efficient data collection and visualization. It also incorporates advanced display methods and filtering capabilities for ‘in-the-field’ processing and imaging. Fully integrated, the SIR 4000 provides a 10.4 inch high definition LED display, a simple user interface, plug-and-play GPS integration, and Wi-Fi enabled data transfer functionality.


Features :

  • Conventional analog antenna made by GSSI can be used
  • Also supports next generation digital antenna
  • High resolution 10.4 inch LED display mounted
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface based on Windows 8
  • Data is recorded in the main body memory, data can be transferred via USB and wireless LAN
  • Measuring while acquiring position information by directly connecting the GPS device
  • It adopts console panel of protection grade IP65, and it can be used under harsh conditions
System :
  • Applicable antenna A variety of analog antennas manufactured by GSSI, or next generation digital antenna
  • Number of input channels 1 channel (either analog or digital one)
  • Data storage Built-in memory 32 GB
  • Display 10.4 inch LED display, 1,024 × 768 dots, color display
  • Language English display support
  • I / O port USB 2.0, HDMI video output, Ethernet, wireless LAN
  • Power supply Lithium-ion battery (operating for about 3 hours), external AC / DC power supply (option)
  • Size 36 x 25 x 7 cm
  • Weight 4.53 kg (including battery)
Data Recording :
  • Format RADAN format (extension. Dzt), data resolution 32 bits
  • Scan rate 400 scans / second (in the case of 256 samples / scan)
  • The number of samples 256 to 16 384 samples / scan
  • Measurement mode Survey wheel synchronization, point and time measurement mode
  • Time range Up to 20,000 nanoseconds
  • Gain Automatic setting or manual setting (-42 to +126 dB, 1 to 8 points)
  • Advanced filter Migration, ground surface tracking, background noise removal, etc.
  • Display mode Line Scan, Line Scan + O Scope, Uygur Trace, Full 3D


System Included on Sale :

  • GSSI SIR-4000 System
  • 400Mhz antenna (400MHz Dimensions: about 30x30x17cm, Weight: about 5kg)
  • 3 wheel Cart
  • (2X) Batteries
  • Charger + Sunshade
  • Operation Manual + GSSI Manual CD + USB Drive
  • Universal Mounting Bracket + Hard Case
  • RADAN 7.0 Software