Trimble Futtura DUAL Laser

Trimble Futtura DUAL Laser

For sell new Trimble Futtura DUAL Laser Machine Control


Product Descriptions

For Sale New Trimble Futtura DUAL Laser Machine Control. The MC2E is an economical receiver designed for proportional automatic machine control applications. The receiver is made to run machine control only and not indicate because the light display shows up on the control box in the cab.

The highest accuracy available, the MC2E boasts 16 accuracy levels, all set at the control box. Futtura's proportional photocells provide precise beam positioning data. Combined with ultra-fast receiver to valve signal processing, with a high speed rotating laser and today's infinitely variable proportional hydraulics, the MC2E gives you the smoothest blade response and highest accuracy available.

The MCB3 Dual Control box is designed to control both the lift and tilt of a dozer blade or two independent lift cylinders of a motor grader blade for precise slope control applications.


Trimble Futtura DUAL Laser Machine Control Includes :

  •     MCB3 Dual Control Panel & panel mount
  •     Two MC2E 360 Degree Laser Receivers
  •     10 foot power cable, 10 foot valve cable, Two 3 to12 foot coil cable
  •     Cases for the panel and receivers
  •     Two shock isolated Manual masts
  •     2-Year Warranty