RIEGL VZ-400i Laser System

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser measurement System for sale! has been used for product demonstrations, Manufacture 2018 and recent factory check and re-calibration and Software RiSCAN PRO included. It is in excellent condition and Like new.


Product Description

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser measurement System complete KIT for sale! has been used for product demonstrations. Manufacture 2018 and recent factory check and re-calibration and Software RiSCAN PRO included,  It is in excellent condition and like new. The RIEGL VZ-400i is a 3D Laser Scanning System which combines an innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity, and a suite of MEMS sensors with RIEGL’s latest Laser Scanning Engine technology.

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser Main Features:

  • New, innovative processing architecture for data acquisition, simultaneous dereferencing, filtering and analysis in real-time
  • Cloud connectivity via Wi-Fi and 4G LTE
  • High laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1.2 MHz
  • Eye safe operation at Laser Class 1
  • Wide field of view, 100°x360°
  • High-speed data acquisition up to 500,000 measurements/sec
  • Range up to 800 m, accuracy 5 mm
  • High accuracy, high precision ranging based on echo digitization, online waveform and multiple-time-around processing
  • Multiple target capability for an unlimited number of target echoes
  • Optional full waveform data output
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • MEMS IMU for pose estimation

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser Specifications:

  • 1.2 MHz laser pulse repetition rate
  • 5 mm accuracy
  • 3 mm precision
  • 800 m range
  • 1.5 m minimum range
  • Field of view: 100° vertical / 360° horizontal
  • Eye safe operation at Laser Class 1
  • Main dimensions: 260 mm (w) x 308 mm (h)
  • Weight: 9.7 kg

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser Main Applications: Transportation, Surveying, Architecture & Facade Measurements, As-Built Surveying, Archaeology & Cultural Heritage, City Modeling, Tunnel Surveying, Civil Engineering, Forestry, Monitoring, Research, Topography

RIEGL VZ-400i Laser measurement System Includes on the Set:

  • Riegl VZ-400 laser scanner (time of flight, up to 122,000 measurements/second or 600m (1960 feet) range, 5mm accuracy, 3 mm precision
  • TCP/IP Cable M12-M12, 3M
  • TCP/IP Cable M12-RJ45, 0.3M
  • Serial data and PPS cable to GPS Receiver, 3M
  • Power Supply Cable, 2POLE/7POLE, 3M
  • Adapter Cable, 1M from power supply cable to cigarette lighter plug
  • Adapter Cable, 1M from 7 pole supply cable with crocodile battery pole connectors
  • Tripod Adapter Plate
  • Riscan Pro Viewer, Acquisition & Processing Software
  • Scanner Carry Case 


  • Nikon D700 12MP Camera - top mount and calibrated for this scanner
  • Nikon Lens AF D 20 mm 2.8 Nikkor
  • 5 GIG compact flash memory card
  • Lens Adapter & Protection Tube
  • High Precision Camera Mount (Detachable)
  • Carry case for camera, lenses, camera mount, cables, and adapter

Camera Module:

  • License RiSCAN PRO Plug-in Camera Module
  • REFLECTIVE TARGET PACK: (approx. 300) 50 mm stick-on targets and (12) 100 mm cylinder targets


  • AC power supply unit and Manuals