Faro Focus3D S120 Scanner

Faro Focus3D S120 Scanner

For Sale Demo Faro Focus3D S120 Laser Scanner comes with 1 years warranty and calibration certificate. The scanner is in mint condition and ready to work for you.


Product Description

For Sale Faro Focus3D S120 Laser Scanner Complete KIT, has been used for demonstrations and short term rentals and it is in excellent condition. Manufacture 2012 comes with a Fresh Calibration Certificate. 

The Faro Focus 120 is the smallest and lightest laser scanner on the market, and it still offers excellent results. Operated by using the integrated touchscreen the scanner couldn’t be easier to use and will produce photorealistic colour scans with a 70 megapixel resolution.

 Focus 3D S120 Laser Scanner Included on sale :

  • (1X) Focus3D S120 Laser Scanner
  • (6X) Reference Sphere Set - Flexi
  • (1X) Tripod - Carbon
  • (1X) Power Block
  • (1X) Power Dock
  • (1X) Laser Goggles
  • (1X) SD Card Case
  • (1X) SD card 32GB
  • (1X) Transport Case
  • (1X) 1 Year Warranty
  • (1X) 1 Year Calibration Certificate
  • (1X) Scene Processing Software License

Faro Focus3D S120 Laser Scanner Features :

  • Surveying: Capture high resolution data for topographical maps, generating 2D and 3D CAD Views measure distance area and volumes.
  • Building Information modeling (BIM): Efficiently Capture As built and As-IS conditions for MEP or Structures contractor’s working on virtual design and construction BIM projects.
  • Industrial Facilities: Capture accurate As-built documentation of a facility for redesign of revamp projects or for updating existing plant documentation in 3D.
  • Inspection/ Reverse Engineering: Inspection/Reverse Engineering: Extract measurements and create 3D models when there is no existing CAD data available. Perform detailed inspections and comparisons to existing models, surfaces and point cloud.
  • Tunneling: Capture tunnel profiles and center-line for comparison with design, measuring under-cut/over-cut and volumes of extracted materials.
  • Crime Scene & Forensics: Quickly and thoroughly document accident and crime scene including color for real world visualization.