FARO Edge Arm

Price $9800
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FARO Edge Arm Description

Used Faro Edge Arm 6ft for sale! Manufacture 2016, is in very good condition! It has been tested by a certified Faro dealer to be in good working order and is completely functional. It comes with a Calibration Certificate and laptop fitted with PolyWorks software. 


Faro Edge Arm Features:

  • 1.8m to 3.7m (6 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Accuracy from 0.024mm (0.0009 in.) to 0.064mm (0.0025in.)
  • Intuitive onboard measurement system: Built-in touchscreen computer; QuickTools; Laptop-free basic measurements
  • Smart Sensor Technology: Sensors warn against factors that compromise performance
  • Internal Counterbalance: Provides comfortable, stress-free usage
  • Temperature Sensors: Allow the Arm to react to thermal variations for maximum portability and accuracy
  • Articulating measuring arm


Faro Edge Arm Includes on Sale :

  • (1X) Faro Edge 6ft ARM
  • (1X) Laser Line Probe
  • (1X) Power Supply
  • (1X) Pistol Grip
  • (1X) Battery
  • (1X) USB Cable Manual and CD Software
  • (1X) Hard Blue Case
  • (1X) Mounting base
  • (1X) Power cord
  • (1X) Tripod


Probe Case :

  • (1X) 3mm Probe
  • (1X) 6mm Probe
  • (1X) Spanner
  • (1X) Alan Key
  • (1X) Calibration Trivet