Creaform HandyProbe and C-Track Dual-Camera Sensor Bundled

Price $8000
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Creaform HandyProbe and C-Track Dual-Camera Sensor Bundled Description

Demo-used Creaform HandyProbe and C-Track Dual-Camera 780 Sensor Bundled for sale, Mint condition like new and ready to work!  Year of manufacture 2016.

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The Creaform HandyPROBE works with the C-Track Dual-Camera 780 Sensor. The HandyPROBE, increases the reliability, speed and versatility of the measurement process, whether for metrology or large-scale reverse engineering applications.

Features Creaform HandyProb :
The HandyPROBE coordinate measuring device provides high-precision measurements (up to 22 µm) and shows significantly better performance than conventional portable coordinate measuring devices in the production area. The portable CMM HandyPROBE is used in the production areas of leading companies, For example, in the automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing sectors.

  • Insensitive to environmental changes (vibrations, shifted objects, instability of construction or CMM)
  • Highly efficient measurement of objects without granite or cast iron table
  • Ideal for geometry and surface testing
  • Scan functions when using with a MetraSCAN 3D scanner
  • Size of the objects: 1-3 m; Materials of all kinds
  • Up to 10 m expandable measuring volume
  • Conveniently portable and wireless

Features C-Track 780 Dual-Camera Sensor :

The C-Track 780 Shop-Floor Stand facilitates the mobility of the C-Track? around the part to be inspected while running.  Once mounted on the stand’s extendable pole the C-Track dual-camera sensors can reach a height of 1.9 m (73 in.) to accommodate high and low inspection set-ups.  Also with locking wheels and retractable legs the stand can easily adapt to static use 3aired with the Self-Power Kit (external battery) move the C-Track Shop-) Floor Stand from one place to another without worrying about temperature stabilization time when shutting down/restarting the C-Track and controller.  Along with the workstation, it provides a complete solution for a real-time manufacturing Tuality control process.


Sale Inculded :

  • (1X) HandyPROBE Probing Stylus
  • (1X) C-Track 780 Dual-Camera Sensor
  • (3X) 45° shaft (O8mm - Height 12mm O6) Metal Reflectors 
  • (1X) L20 Sphere 3 Ruby Stylus M4 
  • (6X) Magnetic supports for reflector O 6 mm
  • (1X) Carrying Case
  • (1X) Tripod and Universal Power Supply